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Reverse Blocking Type

SEMITEC's VRD silicon surge absorbers have been developed to absorb the voltage surge that occurs when switching on an electrical source.

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Orders in the sample shop are limited to 500 pieces for reel products and 100 pieces for all other products.

ZD015 (10 pcs)

  • $33.14
  • FDA88001B

Breakdown voltage: 15V (12.8 to 17.2)
Stand-off voltage: 11.4V
Peak impulse power dis.: 250W (...

ZD022 (10 pcs)

  • $33.14
  • FDA88003B

Breakdown voltage: 22V (18.7 to 25.3)
Stand-off voltage: 16.8V
Peak impulse power dis.: 250W?i...

ZD027 (10 pcs)

  • $33.14
  • FDA88004B

Breakdown voltage: 27V (23.0 to 31.0)
Stand-off voltage: 20.6V
Peak impulse power dis.: 250W?i...

ZD033 (10 pcs)

  • $33.14
  • FDA88005B

Breakdown voltage: 33V (28.1 to 37.9)
Stand-off voltage: 25.2V
Peak impulse power dis.: 250W?i...

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